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Pissed of making notes and remarks on paper those are easily replaced?

Now make your notes and remarks on your device and keep it safe with yourselves with the all-new note making app named Evernote.

Evernote allows you to access the information whenever you need it.

It comes with different types of notes like input typed, scan handwritten, Add to do, images, web pages all be easily be accessed on a single search.

Whether you are in any passion like an author, designer, filmmaking or any other type of freelancer, Evernote will be the perfect tool to manage the project.

It will also let you to creatively think about the future projects.

Evermore happens to be the perfect hub store for all the materials that are needed for any project.

Also let you inform deadlines, plans, documentation, set reminders with due dates.

No matter you work with a team or alone Evernote allows you to send information to colleagues or clients with shared notebooks.

You can easily transfer information here and there that you find. You can switch it into reading views also share your clips on social networking.

Evernote lets you record the audio conversation, important interviews and feedback sessions with clients or business partners that you can easily share with others.

Evernote app is used in almost every area of the life.


Founded byEvernote Corporation
Updated on21-Aug-18
Content ratingAvailable for everyone
Supported version Android 10 and above
Apk size   Depends on device
App rating 4.5 out of 5 
Downloads100 million
CategoryFree productivity app
Developers Email    android@evernote.com
Developer Address  305 walnut street, redwood city CA 94063


Evernote app
Screenshot of Evernote Apk


Write down all your good ideas at one place in the Evernote app in different fonts and colours. 
Ideas of business, meeting plans, trips ideas etc.

Make a to-do list
Use checkboxes and bulleted and numbered list of tasks and move your work forward.
Make a tick mark on whichever tasks you wanna do

Make reminders
Make a deadline for whichever task you are working on and whichever thing you may forget make a reminder of that just on one tap.

Add attachments with the previous docs
Evernote allows you to attach media files like images, videos, audios files directly into your notes just do it all on tapping on one icon.

Record audios
Evernote allows recording voice memos, interviews, audios, and lectures just by tapping on the microphone.

Lets you scan documents and handwritten notes
Convert your documents into digital notes. Capture drawings and written notes from whiteboards.

Add sketches and drawings to Evernote.
 Make a sketch or a drawing in the Evernote app can also edit previous sketches and drawings just by tapping on pen icon.

Provide explanatory images texts and pdf.
Annotate images, texts, pdf and drawing attention.

Save website links
Directly save website links and anything from the internet directly into the Evernote app.

Share notes with everyone
Allow you to share everything through Evernote app with anyone and with shareable links.

Evernote is also available in premium with an ultimate workspace with various new and upgraded features like:
  • 10 GB of new uploads
  • No limit on devices
  • Offline notes and notebooks
  • Save emails
  • Show notes as a presentation
  • $7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually

Evernote app is available on different platforms including play store.

We provide the best in quality apks for the installation met satisfaction. The installation will take several minutes so be humble.

Open the app no need of registration just link your Gmail or Facebook account (if you don't want to sign in).

Allow all the necessary settings that it may ask for


Enjoy the app benefits and make regular notes and reminders. Hurry, install it now.
Evernote Evernote Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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