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Google Assistant

App Rating4.1/5 based on 64384 reviews
Google Assistant
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Are you sick of using your phone for multiple tasking? Don't you find it difficult to open different applications for different functions? Is it easy to type a text message and does it takes more time?

Do you have any single application that performs all the functions like navigation, communication, and gets things done only through your voice? Now do all the things with Google assistant.

Google assistant is the only application that provides you with another way to launch the assistant that is already on their device just on one tap or by saying Hey Google.

Google will do multiple tasks for you like remind you to send gifts, you can ask to make calls or can play your Favorited music. It's another easy way of getting things done anytime anywhere.


Google assistant has the rating of 4.1 on the Google Play store
Most of the Google or top apps have the rating of 4+
The total numbers of reviews 64384 
Total number of 5 stars received 14854
Total Bad (1 star) received 2902 users
Number of downloads from play store 5000000
Category    -   productivity
Eligible    -   android devices supporting 25 API and above                                                
Google assistant is available in two different versions 0.1.1879945513 and 0.1.174051423

We provide pure and original Apk of the application and also provide faster downloading speed from many other so-called big application websites.



1.      Make very quick phone calls even when you are on way. ( Call sam )
2.    Can send text messages (Sam I’ll be there)
3.     Reminders ( Remind me to purchase a gift for sam)
4.    Take a selfie
5.     Set Calendar events( set a calendar event for dinner with Sam today 7-9pm)
6.    Play music ( Speak up the name of the song that you want to hear)
7.     Navigate places(give me directions)
8.    News ( give me the latest update)
9.    Weather information (Do I need a raincoat today?)

Google assistant will help you out in doing all the necessary things done right just on your voice.


Download Google assistant Apk or sometimes it will get automatically installed on your device if you have auto updates.

Allow all the necessary settings that it asks to allow Google Assistant to take

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Record music
  • Location
  • Messages
  • Calls
Then take benefits of the app. Make things done just on your voice.
Google Assistant | Everything You Need To Know About Google Assistant | Everything You Need To Know About Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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