Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

google chrome app

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

App Rating: 4.3/5 based on 9,923,639 reviews 

This Apk is safe and virus free to download 

One of the most useful app that is gifted in every android phone with its origination. The app that surfs the internet better than any other thing.

People use this app and just say one thing “surfing the internet was never as easy, fast and secure as its now”. This app is the given by the Google itself. Google Chrome is the fastest web browser developed by Google.

Google Chrome is available in Microsoft Windows, ios, androids. Chrome is the fastest and the most secure web browser using chrome in your device for internet surfing makes you love your device.

Google Chrome is available in multiple different languages around 47. It’s the most used web browser in the world.

You can do all the stuff related to entertainment and work on Google chrome like music videos, songs, games, live video streaming, watch TV.

Google chrome is the key component of the Google operating system. It is served as the platform for running applications related to the website.

Open as many tabs as you want to surf various other different websites at the same time. It will also let you help in your studies it can solve mathematical equations. Easily translates the content into any language.


Launched on 7-Feb-12
App version 69.0.3497.100
No downloads 1 billion downloads 
Launched Google Pvt Ltd 
Developers email
Last updated 18-Sep-18
Apk size Depends on device
Categorised Free communication app
Content rating Available for everyone
Supported  Android version Android 16 and above
Rated 4.3 out of 5 


google chrome app

google chrome app

google chrome app
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Google chrome is fast in operating and surfing the web pages gives fast result than any other web browser.

Chrome is very easy in using almost people of every age group can use google chrome easily.

All the things that you search on google chrome are safe without any issue of leaking data or security problem.

Type less and surf more
As you type for the data all the information related to that thing will under the search bar choose from them whichever you want to visit.

Incognito mode
Google Chrome also allows you to browse privately incognito mode will let you help in browsing privately by not saving any of the histories of your data.

Sync chrome from all the devices
Just sign in into the chrome all the settings will get synced automatically and then access information from anywhere.

Warning features
 google chrome comes with the features like no other browser has it will automatically let you know which is the best or bad webpage for you.
Also if you visit dangerous or infected files it will let you know.

Work on your voice
Google Chrome will work for you without texting. It will work on your voice just say everything you want to search or navigate using your voice anytime and anywhere it will go hand free.

Can translate web pages into any languages
This feature proves to be one of the best features of the google chrome. It will let you translate the full webpage just on one tap in your own language.

Consumes less data
Google chrome consumes fewer data till the time in the history of browsers it will save up to 60 per cent of the data as it compresses the files without losing its original quality.

Google Chrome is available on different platforms for further updates. We provide best in quality apks for updates and better satisfaction. Just link google chrome with your google account allow all the necessary settings it may ask for

And messages

Start enjoying the Google chrome. Happy surfing!
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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