Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls

Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls apk

Google Duo - High-Quality Video Calls 

App Rating: 4.6/5 based on 2252122 reviews
Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls apk
This apk is safe and secure to download 

Missing your family, friends, and lovers? Wanna meet them? Now it's possible to meet your family, friends, and lovers without actually meeting them with all new Google duo app.

Google duo is the app by Google that provides you with the best in class service of video calling.

Google duo happens to be the highest quality video calling app for android/ios smartphones and tablets.

Google duo performed very well in comparison with its competitors like Skype and many others are there.

You will never feel apart from family, friends, and relatives if you have Google duo. It allows both the voice and video calls just on one tap.

Google duo fills up the whole screen with the person whom you are chatting with and sets up the clarity according to the internet connection.

No need to create or verify any account just simply registers your number.


Download version 39.1.213066658.DR39_RC18
App released on 16-Aug-16
Downloads 500 million 
Developer email
Updated(last) 17-Sep-18
Supported in Android Android 19 and above
Apk size Depends on device
Categorised Free communication app
Content rating Available for everyone
App rating  4.5 out of 5
Developer address 1600 amphitheatre parkway mountain view 94043


Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls
Screenshot of Google Duo apk

  • Google duo video calls are available in 720p HD quality
  • Had to knock-knock feature that asks before picking up the call
  • Allows both calling and video calling feature
  • The best feature of video messages you can capture a video if you have a message for your family, friend, and relatives
  • Optimized for low-quality bandwidth mobile networks through webRTC and uses QUIC and UDP
  • Enabled with the end to end encryption 

Google duo app is available on various places including play store. We provide best in class apks for better customer satisfaction.

The installation will take several minutes so be humble. Open the app select country code and mention your phone number. 

Allow all the necessary settings that are mandatory

Internet access

Enjoy the app. Happy calling!! 
Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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