Live Talk - Free Video Chat App

Live Talk - Free Video Chat App

Live Talk - Free Video Chat App

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Live Talk - Free Video Chat App

In this world full of connectivity and digitalization, What if you are not connected with the world?

What's the use of a Smartphone or the internet connection if you are not using it beneficially?

Don't be an unknown person or a limited known personality. Spread your identity with this great application called Live Chat.

Live chat is the new trending app that helps the user to connect with the world to make new networks, new friends and contacts throughout the globe.

It's an android app that is available on different platforms mainly used for social communication to get to know with new peoples.

Live talk app is available on different platforms including Google play store.

Live Chat app will only take 5-6 MB of your phone data from where you can connect with the world.

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Live Talk - Free Video Chat AppLive Talk - Free Video Chat App

  1. Make friends across the globe of same and opposite gender.
  2. Enlarge your friend circle across the globe
  3. Can also learn different languages from different peoples
  4. Can also make new friends in your own locality,
  5. Get to know who lives around you and whose your neighbour.
  6. Get to know about different cultures and traditions.

Points to know

Most of the times you will get male strangers who seem very disgraceful.
Using abusive and offensive language is strictly prohibited.
Any type of adult content should not be there.


After the installation of the app. Click on the open button and waits for a couple of seconds to load.

Select your gender to allow live talk to take pictures and record videos then allow live talk to record audio.

Be polite and respectful. Sexual smoking, violent content or nudity display behaviours are strictly prohibited otherwise your account will be banned.
Live Talk - Free Video Chat App Live Talk - Free Video Chat App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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