Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking

ola cabs app

Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking

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ola cabs app
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Don't you have your own car? You have a car but still messed up in looking for fueling and parking?

Then you need to start your journey with Ola the only app services that provide us, sharing, individual fast and reliable rides in minutes all you have to do is sit back and relax.

The app will work on your fingers just mention your pick up address and select your destination.

The details of nearest cab driver will come on your screen then tell him to pick you up he will be there on your location.

You can pay through any mode cash, credit or debit card PayPal, paytm etc.

Whether you are travelling within a city or going out of town uber will provide you best in class service.

Uber is available in 100+ cities. It charges very reasonable fare possible than any other cab services.

Ola cab services allow you to rent the car, taxi auto and also allows you to share cars with unknowns.

Ola cabs are India's first leading cab services that is this much success with their venture.


Downloading version 4.7.1
App released on 1-Jun-12
Downloads 50 million 
Developer email Support@olacabs.com
Updated(last) 11-Sep-18
Supported in android 15 and above 
Availability Almost in every Indian city
Apk size 13 MB
Creators ola cabs
Categorised Free maps and navigation


ola cabs app
Screenshot of ola cabs apk

There are a number of categories of cars are available in Ola with:

Share You can book up to 2 seats in AC car with different unknown peoples that are travelling on the same route. Save up to 50℅

Micro Lets you book the cheapest AC taxi in town with 6Rs per Km

Mini Travel comfortably with very cheapest fares

Prime Sedan Sedan cars with AC and Wi-Fi with trained drivers.

Play Best in quality sedan cars with AC,  Wifi, music, entertainment, movies and much more

SUV Suv cars with AC, wifi and trained drivers

Auto The best and easiest way to book autos without any inconvenience and bargaining. Rents are very reasonable

Rental Ola allows you to rent cars according to your choice. If you wish to go out of town or out of city tours. Select between hourly car packages with rent according to your choice.  The cab is driven by highly trained drivers.

Luxurious Lets you travel in top fine luxury cars at reasonable fares.

  • Gives you feel like you're owning your own car.
  • You are treated very well.
  • Different ways to pay like PayPal, debit card, credit card, paytm etc.
  • Different options for cars with different services are available.
  • Save more by using sharing cabs.
  • You can know your fare and other benefits before.
  • Also has a ride later option if you want to schedule a ride for advance booking.
  • Proper safety is being provided to the passengers without any mishappening.
  • No need to worry about fuel and parking.

You can also go on a business trip with your colleagues as ola corporate. Companies can use ola corporates to sponsor and book rides for colleagues.

Ola app is available on different platforms including Google Play store. 

We provide best in quality apk for a better experience. Downloading and installation will take several minutes to be calm then open the app.

Mention your contact number with correct country code wait for a minute to get OTP. 

Now you are registered user of Ola allow all the necessary settings that it asks for:


Select the cab you want to ride in with your budget, Mention your pickup and drop location. Enjoy your first ride and get an offer if any.
Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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