PUBG Moblie Apk

Pubg mobile apk

PUBG Moblie Apk

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Pubg mobile apk
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Are you Sick of playing Candy Crush and clash of clans? Do you want any other more realistic action game? Do you love to play the more realistic multiplayer online game but ended up playing clash of clans? Are you an action game lover and want some new addiction?

All your questions will be answered with only one solution. The name of that solution is none other than Players unknown battleground (Pubg)

The online multiplayer battle royale game developed by a South Korean video game company known as Bluehole.

In the game pub up to one hundred player parachute land on the island to kill others avoid getting killed by others.

The available safe area in the game's map decreases in size over time to direct surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last team or player around wins the round.

In the beginning, the game was released for Microsoft Windows by Microsoft studios in December 2017.

Available for android, ios, Microsoft, Windows and Xbox One. Pubg has also received the game of the year award.

Pubg is the type of a game that can easily be approached by the players of any skill level.

The match start begins with the players parachuting from the plane onto the map with the area (8×8) kilometres.

Players who were killed in the war can be looted by the ones who killed them.

Players can search new buildings, ghost towns, and many other sites to find new weapons. The pub round almost takes around 30 minutes maximum.

Players unknown battleground (Pubg) is available on different platforms including google play store.

Designed and directed by Brendan Greene produced by Chang-than Kim that is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, android and ios.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 on play store in gameplay, 4.3 in graphics and 4.3 in controls.

Applicable in android 5.1.1 or above with minimum 2 GB ram. Requires 1.53 GB of your phone space last updated on 21 July 2018.

In-app purchases 70-7900 per item and become a mission, impossible agent.


1.     High quality, realistic graphics and HD audio for a better experience.
2.     Realistic weapons choose between any of the weapons you would like to play with like rifle, Ak 47, Ak 56 bombs etc
3.     Travel according to you variety of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, jeeps, boats are available to kill down your enemies.
4.     Bring your squad invites your favourite gang to team up and coordinate with you and make plans through voice chat.
5.     Proper gaming environment no chance to cheat on any of the basis to ensure the fun and fair environment for all the Pubg players.
6.     An experience like a real freedom fighter.
7.     It will take place in your routine very addictive game it is and it will become part of your life.

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Pubg is available on different platforms including Google play store if your downloading apk from a place other than play store then you must have to enable unknown sources. Remember it will take time to get downloaded because its apk is large in space. Install the apk be patient it will take some minutes to get installed. Open the app allow all the necessary settings like:


Then select the player, mission, weapons invite your friends to join you

Enjoy playing Pubg.
PUBG Moblie Apk PUBG Moblie Apk Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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