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Telegram App

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Telegram App
This apk is safe and secure to download 

Sick of using WhatsApp, what, and line as the messaging app? Want to try out something new to chat share photos, videos and music files from a messaging app.

Try all new Telegram app. Telegram is the cloud-based messaging and voice over IP service application.

Telegram app is available for android /ios /windows /mac. Share all your memories like photos, music, videos in the fastest way possible.

Telegram provides you with the lots of free stuff and it happens to be the biggest positive point of the app and another biggest thing that this app provides is that the chat you do with others will not take any single byte of memory in your device.

Telegram is the simple and secure messaging app with over 200 million users in the last four years.

Telegram is bunched with the truly amazing and unique features that make its competitors feel not worthy.

It can connect people with the unique distributed network of data centres across the globe.


App download version4.9.1
Launched on14-Aug-13
Last updated28-Aug-18
CategorisedFree communication app
App by      Telegram FZ-LLC
Developers email
Availabilitymature 17+
No of downloads100 million downloads 
Apk size Depends on device
Supported Android versions android 16 and above 
Rated4.4 out of 5 


Telegram App
Telegram App
Telegram App
Telegram App
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No issue of privacy
Telegram app is private and there is no issue regarding leakage of data and files even telegram don't have users data.

Access your files from different devices
Telegram app runs on a cloud-based system that allows you to access your data from different devices.

Runs on flash speed
Telegram app runs on smoothly without giving any sort of trouble.

No chance of hacking and spoofing
Telegram app is greatly secured with highly protective security networks.

Not bounded by the size of media files
Telegram allows you to send media files and documents without any foundation of size limit.

No boundation of boundaries
From the telegram app, you can communicate with persons from any part of the world without any external charges.

Do secret chats
Telegram allows you to chat secretly with the people you wanna chat or any kind of personal chats you need to do and prevents other to intercept them.

Group chats with larger community
Telegram allows group chats with more than 200 contacts at the same time.

Say no toads
Telegram is 100℅ ads free.No ad is shown here and no fee is charged.

Telegram is available on different platforms including google play store. We provide best in quality apks for better customer service. The installation will take time of several minutes so be humble open the app.

  1. Select the country code
  2. mention your contact number
  3. Wait for the one-time password (OTP) to arrive.
  4. Mention your name
  5. Allow all the necessary settings that it may ask for Location, Messages, Calls, Images, Videos, Maps
Enjoy the app text the people you love make chat communities with the peoples. Happy communication.
Telegram App Telegram App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on September 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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