Jetpack Joyride App

Jetpack Joyride App

Jetpack Joyride App

APP Rating: 4.5/5 based on 36,429
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Are you sick of playing candy crush and fruit ninja in the name of arcade games? Start your all-new journey of arcade games with Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack Joyride is the runner/arcade game available on Android iOS devices and PlayStation devices.

Jetpack joyride game starts with the story of struggling gramophone salesman, Join barry he finds out the secret laboratory and experimental jetpacks of commanders and a jetpack that dodges the laser, electric fields and all the missiles that comes to you. 

Apart from all of these this game has some of the innovative things like giant mechanical dragons! Birds that poop money selects your jetpack and suit up with it.

Around 1 million + people are engaged with this game. This game is very attractive and user-friendly it has really everything very innovative like the robot, dragons and jetpacks etc and that used to be the biggest reason that it is editor’s choice game.


App download version 1.10.12
Launched on 26-Apr-16
Last updated 27-Sep-18
Categorised Free gaming app
App made by       Halfbrick Studios 
Developer email
Content rating Available for 7+ age 
No of downloads 1 million +
Apk size 472.65 MB file size
Supported Android versions  android 4.1 and above 
Rated 4.4 out of 5 


Jetpack Joyride App
Screenshots of  Jetpack Joyride App

What users think about Jetpack Joyride?

27694 users.   5 stars
3116 users.      4 stars
1561 users.      3 stars
512 users.         2 stars
2725 users.      1 star

Why Jetpack Joyride?

Jetpack joyride app is very easy to operate and manage. People of age group above 7 can play this game as it has some arcade and violence content.

Jetpack app is clear for users and it is very much safe from any kind of malfunctioning like hanging due to poor quality graphics etc and no chance of any mismanagement.

Jetpack app is secured with good quality security networks so no chance of hacking and data leakage is there.

This is something very addictive
Jetpack joyride game is very innovative, attractive and user-friendly games it has many of the newly added features that makes it a very addictive and funny game.

Challenges made for fun
Jetpack joyride game has some of the great arcade and fun challenges. It has some of the funny stuff that entertains the user a lot.

More realistic than any other games
This game app has some of the great graphics that make the game more realistic and addictive.

Makes you more creative
This game is very much fun and addictive. It will broaden your thinking capability and make you more creative in thinking and will also make your mind.

This app is available on different platforms we provide best in class apks as we are connected with google play store.

The installation will take several minutes so be humble. Open the app select all the necessary conditions that it may ask for like images, videos, internet access, location, calls and messages
Select single player or multiplayer in your  PlayStation choose favourable jetpack and enjoy the game.
Jetpack Joyride App Jetpack Joyride App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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