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Linked in
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If you ever liked a boy/girl you stalk them on Facebook or Instagram have you ever thought if an employer likes you or your profile where they will stalk you? Now you got the solution with all new app called LinkedIn.

Linkedin allows you to become the part of the corporate world discover new and potential people get the newly updated jobs from the big companies and really great place to get in touch with professional networking with the employers posting for the new jobs.

Make your LinkedIn profiles and have a look at the LinkedIn jobs in which you are capable.

LinkedIn India and in the world has played a major role in corporate worlds helped employers a lot in meeting their demands of getting a capable and sufficient number of employees. LinkedIn India is growing very fast rate. Nowadays it's the latest technique for hiring people.

LinkedIn nearly has 500 million members in nearly 200 countries and nearly half of the members are active users of LinkedIn.


App download version 4.1.223
Launched on 23-May-03
Last updated 19-Sep-18
Categorised Free social app 
App made by       LinkedIn
Developer email
Content rating Rated for 12+
No of downloads 1000,000,000,+
Apk size Depends on the device
Supported Android versions  Android 10 and above 
Rated 4.2 out of 5 

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What do people think about LinkedIn?

5 stars    681,272 reviews
4 stars.   345,521 reviews
3 stars.   121,617 reviews
2 stars.     36,640 reviews
1 stars.     63,868 reviews  

Why install LinkedIn?

1. Become of part of the corporate world
After the studies got completed everyone has to look for work. LinkedIn allows you to become part of the corporate world just by making your own LinkedIn profile.

2. Look for suitable LinkedIn jobs, internships, training
After making LinkedIn profiles you can look forward to favourable jobs, internships, and training according to your professional qualification in the suitable company of your choice
along with salaries, perks and stipend available.

3. Build up your professional networks with the people you like
LinkedIn allows you to connect with the professional people to whom to follow or your idols your colleagues, managers, Boss etc.
Stay updated with there activities and actions.

4. Discover new jobs
 After making a LinkedIn profile you can easily look forward to new jobs with higher pays.

5. The world will judge you according to your LinkedIn profile
It is not a normal profile like Facebook or WhatsApp. LinkedIn profile is more than just an ordinary resume it shows the world who you are what you did in your career.

6. Serves what you see
With LinkedIn profiles, you can look forward to LinkedIn jobs. LinkedIn serves you the job that sees LinkedIn jobs are the best.

What you will get after using LinkedIn?
  1. Look for the best suitable jobs through LinkedIn jobs sitting at your home.
  2. Become the part of the corporate world
  3. Sometimes employers will call you if they like your profile.
  4. Grow yourself by looking for a better job if not getting growth in an existing company.
  5. Connect with the people you follow or your inspirations and idols.

We provide best in quality apks for better service as we are connected with google play store. The installation will take several minutes so be humble. 

Afterwards, open the app make a LinkedIn profile or connect it with Gmail or Facebook. Mention all the things necessary for the profile allow necessary conditions if asked any like location, maps, images, videos, calls, and messages. Look forward to the LinkedIn jobs.
LinkedIn LinkedIn Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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