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Snapchat App

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With the change and upgradation in modern technology here comes the all-new way of social networking through photos, videos and messaging called Snapchat.

Snapchat is the all-new way of sharing your photos and videos with your family and friends.
The Snapchat app is the multimedia messaging app that is used worldwide.

Snapchat app is famous for Snapchat filters and Snapchat story. The speciality of Snapchat is Snapchat filters and Snapchat story.

 All it requires a Snapchat login for using Snapchat you can also add many big celebrities and your idols almost everyone uses Snapchat.

Maintain Snapchat streaks with your friends by sending the everyday snap to your friends. Add great Snapchat filters to your photos and videos by tapping on the screen according to the adjustment of your pic.


App download version
Launched on 29-Oct-12
Last updated 1-Oct-18
Categorised Free social app 
App made by       Snapchat Inc
Developer email
Content rating For teens and above
No of downloads 500,000,000+downloads
Apk size Depends on the device
Supported Android versions  Android 10 and above 
Rated 4 out of 5 
Update size 64.76 MB 


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What do people think about Snapchat App?

5 stars - 10,825,092 reviews
4 stars -   2,104,828 reviews
3 stars -   1,396,581 reviews
2 stars -      724,693 reviews
1 stars -   2,397,015 reviews

Why Install Snapchat?

All new, innovative and different way of social networking
Snapchat is the very different and innovative way of social networking share snapchat stories with friends and a lot more. All the stories will disappear after 24 hours.

Get the innovative snapchat filters
Snapchat comes with innovative filters found nowhere. Snapchat filters are always on updating mode they get updated according to the events and with updates. Some of the filters will work on editing your face by tapping on the screen. Fast forward and slow motion also available.

Stories disappear itself after 24 hours.
Snapchat comes with the feature that all the snapchat stories will disappearears on its own after 24 hours.

Saves your messages according to your choice
Snapchat allows you to save your messages according to you just tap on message if you want to save the message.

Check locations of your snapchat family
Snapchat login allows you to check the location of your snapchat family just by doing the reverse zoom on to the screen a map will appear with bitmojis of the user on there location.

Make your own bitmojis
The Snapchat app allows you to make up your own bitmoji with that will look like you and made by you according to your own editing skills.

We provide best in quality apks for better services we are connected with google play store. Installation will take several minutes so be humble. Afterwards, open the app sign up for snapchat login id. Mention all the details it asks for now you are logged in on snapchat.
Add on all your friends . Happy Snapping!
Snapchat App Snapchat App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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