Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App

Surfeasy VPN
Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App

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Surfeasy Secure Android VPN
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Using the internet 24 hours a day in your smartphones downloading a various number of files from different unknown sources do you really think all this stuff that you do is really safe and secure?

What if your device got hacked by someone or if your device will get infected with a virus before something like this happens to install all new Surfeasy secure android VPN app.

Surfeasy is the security providing internet app, unlike internet privacy. Never trust any unknown source of security providing unless it's operated by you. You will never know what will happen to your data if it is the hands of others.

Surfeasy is an internet security provider that will secure all your android devices. It will go along with you and protecting your device wherever you go

Surfeasy will easily show you protected and unprotected data and also tells you whether your internet connection is secured or not and whether your IP address is exposed or not.


App download version 4.1.1
Launched on 6-May-13
Last updated 20-Sep-18
Categorised Free tools app 
App made by       Surfeasy inc 
Developer email
Content rating Available for everyone
No of downloads 5000000+downloads
Apk size 23 MB
Supported Android versions  Android 10 and above 
Rated 4.5 out of 5 


Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App
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What do people think about Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App?

5 stars     205635 reviews
4 stars.     41344 reviews
3 stars.      16093 reviews
2 stars       4414 reviews
1 star.      10157 reviews

Why Install Secure Easy Android VPN?

Save you on internet
People nowadays spend a lot of time on the internet but the internet is also a home of thousands of unsecured files and viruses. Surfeasy will save your device from all the unfair files.

Customer support anytime
Support is available to you each and every time you need it just go on get support and ask whatever question you want to ask.

Security of WiFi hotspot
Surfeasy will also provide safety when someone is using your own your own personal data through the hotspot. Your device is totally safe from another device.

Not logging off from the device
Surfeasy is always logged in no feature of logging off is available because in android devices online activities are always in and surf easy is created according to it.

Select any of the countries
You can choose any of the country regions including some of the big country regions like UK and US wherever you need secure internet.

Easy fast and manageable
Surfeasy VPN is very easy to use people of every age group can easily operate and manage it and it comes with reliable service.

Get everything unlimited
The surfeasy app is available in an upgraded version with unlimited bandwidth and security feature with charging just for

Total VPN
for 5 devices in a year
Rs 280.56 pm if billed annually Rs 335 if billed monthly
Mobile VPN
for 1 device in a year
167.16 pm if billed annually Rs 140.61 if billed monthly

We provide best in quality apks for better customer support as we are linked with google play store. The installation will take several minutes so be humble. 

Open the app go through and register for it select all the necessary conditions that it may ask for like images, videos, internet access, location, calls and messages now your internet network is in safe hands of surfeasy.
Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App Surfeasy Secure Android VPN App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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