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When it comes to social networking websites there is a name that is must found in every list called Twitter

Twitter is an American social networking web, a site that provides each and every news on any topic from breaking news to entertainment sports and politics and each and everything that happens on earth will always be there on Twitter at first.

The reason why Twitter is always on top in the list of social networking. Anyone can connect on twitter by twitter login or Twitter sign up and can follow their favourite people.

Twitter is considered as the king of social networking. Twitter is also available in the form of an app called Twitter app.

Through the twitter app, you can see what's happening in the world and what's the trending recent topic that people love to talk on your and device.

Twitter app is available in android and ios devices. After twitter login, Twitter also had video download option.


App download version 7.65.1 release 1062 
Launched on 30-Apr-10
Last updated 3-Oct-18
Categorised Social networking app
App made by       Twitter Inc
Developer email
Content rating  Mature 17+
No of downloads 5,000,000,000+ downloads
Apk size 17.38 MB
Supported Android versions  Android 19 and above
Rated 4.3 out of 5 


Twitter App
Twitter App
Twitter App
Twitter App
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What People Thinks About Twitter App:

5 stars- 7,692,279 reviews
4 stars- 2,125,162 reviews
3 stars-    868,864 reviews
2 stars-     368,649 reviews
1 stars-    869,916 reviews

Why Twitter App?

Twitter has a large community  
Twitter is the most used social networking website it has recently completed his 319 million active users. Almost every big celebrity and famous personality have his twitter login account.

Twitter has each and everything.
From sports to politics entertainment to anything interesting twitter is the first social networking and the first updated website and contains stuff related to everything also having the separate column of twitter trending which contains all the trending topics.

Watch live streaming  
After twitter sign up you can also easily watch premium live streaming directly in your devices.

Chat with your peoples
The Twitter app allows you to chat privately with your friends, family, and followers you can also chat in masses with the one who follows you.

Make your own profile
The Twitter app allows you to make your own profile with your own photo and description with own media tweets and replies and likes.

Explore your interest
Explore the trending searches on twitter trending and search for your favourite topics and your interests like entertainment, Bollywood, sports news etc

Share what you feel
Twitter allows you to share/tweet your view regarding anything without any boundations of denying and rejecting.

No language disparity
Twitter is available in almost every language including Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

What you will get after using twitter?

After twitter login, you can freely speak whatever you feel in your tweets
Connect with the community of 319 million users.
Breaking news platform for each and everything
Make a profile of your choice.

We provide best in class apks for better usage as we are connected with google play store.
The installation will take several minutes so be humble. 

Afterwards, open the app mention all the details like name and number verification.
Allow all the necessary settings that it may ask for like:
  1. Images
  2. Videos
  3. Calls
  4. Message
  5. Location
  6. Maps
Create a profile of your own choice. Happy Tweeting
Twitter App Twitter App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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