Viber Messenger App

viber messenger app
Viber Messenger App

App Rating: 4.4/5 based on 12,044,337 reviews 
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The app that has made its mark in the world of social media from the day of its origination. The app that has a great concern for your privacy so that you never have to think twice before sharing anything.

Viber is a cross-platform, instant messaging and voice over IP application. Like WhatsApp, Facebook and Hike, Viber app has made people connect with the community of 1 Billion.

Viber app not only allows you to call and chat but also allows you to share media such as images and video records.

Viber app is available in Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Viber login just only requires your mobile number to operate and instant messaging.

Viber app is completely free to use all it requires a good internet or Wifi connection. Viber app allows you to make free international calls and group chats to connect with people across the globe.


App download version
Launched on 1-Oct-13
Last updated 14-Oct-18
Categorised Free communication app
App made by       Viber media 
Developer email
Content rating Available for everyone
No of downloads 5,00,000,000+ downloads
Apk size Depends on the device
Supported Android versions  android 16 and above
Rated 4.4 out of 5 


viber messenger app

viber messenger app

viber messenger app

viber messenger app
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What Do People Think About Viber Messenger?

5 stars- 8,093,112 reviews
4 stars- 1,930,465 reviews
3 stars-    852,779 reviews
2 stars-    382,078 reviews
1 stars-    750,068 reviews

Why Install Viber Messenger?

Send free text messages, calls, video calls
Viber app allows you to send free text messages to anyone on the globe with proper images, videos, emojis, bitmojis. Make free calls and video calls on Viber to Viber app with no additional charges being made.

Talk in bulk.
Through the Viber app, you can chat and share images, videos with family, friends, workers and colleagues with the maximum limit of 250 members.

Security provided with the encryption
Just like WhatsApp and hike Viber app too provides you with the security feature all the data that you share will remain secured with encryption feature in simple words data will remain in between only two parties no third person is involved.

Hide your chats
Hide your chats in Viber app that will make your chat invisible from your main chat list and access it with a pin.

Self-removal of your chat from recipients phone
Viber app comes with the self-destruct timer. The message that you send will be automatically deleted from the recipient's phone after it is red.

Make your chats more attractive.
Express your chats with GIFs, stickers, emoticons, bitmojis, with over 35000 stickers from Viber market app

Connect Viber app to desktop.
Viber app works in all the devices from mobile to desktop you can easily access your Viber chats on the desktop by syncing it mobile account to the desktop.

  1. Exchange contacts with your friends.
  2. Build your own community.
  3. Connect with the people across the globe.
  4. Share your locations
  5. Share media file like music, videos, images
  6. Broadcast messages

We provide best in class apks for better customer service as we are connected with google play store. The installation will take several minutes so be humble. Afterwards, open the app select country and mention the number allow all the necessary settings that it may ask for like Images, calls, text messages, videos, maps, location
Mention your name from which you want to operate the Viber login account.
Enjoy Viber messenger for free.
Viber Messenger App Viber Messenger App Reviewed by Nikhil Singh on October 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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